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Define VAN.What are the services of VAN?

VAN(Value Added Network) : A private network provider lired by a company to facilitate electronic data interchange (FDI) and/or provide other network services such as message encryption, secure email and management reporting.A VAN simplifies the communications process by reducing the number of parties with which a company needs to communicate.

Services of VAN : 

* Easylink offers fast delivery of documents and allows you to effectively track monitor and process all of your business documents.

* Using easy link you will consistently provide with delivery confirmation of documents and other data files.

* Document can be delivered in real time or retrieved when it's convenient for you.

* Easy link can handle standard EDI data transactions, as well as images engineering drawings architecture blue, prints, audio, and types of video.

* Easy link is come commented to approximately 15 public VAN interconnects world wide approximately so private interconnects.

* Data back & recovery & document mapping  & compitance.

What are the Opportunities of E-commerce

The Opportunities of E-commerce  are :

1. Our Business : 

* Speed up production

* Increase efficiency of process

* share information

* generates new information based products 

2. Customer :

* improve market awareness

* create new sales channels

* customize marketing

* research markets

3. Business Partner :

*Manage supply chain

* Reduce transaction expenses

* Create dynamic virtual organization

4. Direct sales

5. Pre-sales

Discuss with diagram the sales cycle of E-Commerce

Ans : The safe cycle of E-commerce consists of 5 processes :

1. Information Sharing :
  • Create awareness of product and services and organization provide to their customer
  • Distribute to online communities
  • Gather info from various visitors
2. Ordering :
  • Use EDI(Electronic Data Interchange) for online order, creating, processing and email
3.payment :
  • Create, digit cash, credit card facilities
  • Management s/w is needed
  • EDI mgt s/w should be requiring
4.Fulfilment :
  • Use the internet to supply product or services online.
  • Use EDI to communicate with shipper suppliers and distributors
5.Services & support :

  • Provide info and invite questions and comments via tax email or phones.

    6. check inventory at warehouse

    7. Generate invoice

    8. Send Invoice

    9.Send Product

    10. Configuration of receive product

    11. Medium

What are the tools are components of E-Commerce explain

Ans : Electronic commerce is system that includes not only those transactions that center on buying and selling goods and services to directly generate revenue, but also those transactions that support revenue generation such as generating demand for those goods and service (on the following figure) or facilitating communications between business partner.

Electronic commerce builds on the advantages and structures of traditional commerce by adding tv flexibilities offered by electronic networks (on the following figure)

Components : There are three component of E-Commerce, they are :

1. Institutions :
  • Government
  • Consumers
  • Merchants
  • Manufactures
  • Suppliers
2. Process :
  • marking
  • Sales
  • Payment
  • Fulfilment
  • Support
3. Networks :
  • corporate
  • internet
  • commercial

Write down the characteristics of E-Commerce

 The characteristics of E-Commerce :

1. Unambiguity :
  • Available everywhere
  • Built into other devices
  • Hidden but still there
  • Lower transaction cost for the consumers/buyer
  • Cognitive energy reduces by unambiguity
2. Global React :
  • Easily reach across geographic boundaria
  • Easy to understand how this feature can benefits business and consumers
3. Universal Standards :
  • E-Commerce made possible through h/w and s/w content (world wide web )
  • Universal standards can greatly influence market entry costs
  • Reduce entry costs
  • Lot more competition
4. Richness :
  • Advertising and branding are an important part of e-commerce
  • E-commerce can easily deliver video, audio, animations etc
  • So richness is much better than other technologies.

5. Interactivity:
  • Consumer/user can through with the content

    6. Information Density:
  • Reduce information cost
  • raises the quality of information

  • 7. Personalization/Customization:

  • To do customize the information

Why a Business corporation should conduct their online, explain

** A business corporation should conduct their business online for these: 

1.Our Company Image : While this alone isn't enough to create a website and begin selling online, it is an important factor to compiler without a website or online presence clients could begin to wonder how serious we are about business.

2.24 hour availability : While some fast food restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations manage 24 hour service, it is impossible for most business.

3.Better Customer Support : The internal allows us to answer question, give sales seminars and solve customer problem all without taking any of our time.

4.Very low start-up costs : Starting out online means very low start-up cost.We have no buildings to construct, no vehicle to buy and few (if any) staff to hire>Simply build our site and start selling.

5.The internet was made for business : The beauty of the internet is the our prospective client(S) can literally be just one click away from our online store. 

6.Live anywhere : Taking our business sales online might just free up our location online and allow us to live where we want time not where we have to.

7.Reduce operation cost : Just one single we task can make a significant difference vehicles in cost savings.For example receiving simply orders online reduces.The need for customer service staff.

8.Target the global market : With our brick and mortar company, we are that limited to the amount of individuals who can visits us at any given time, let alone find us.

Difference Between Traditional Commerce and E-Commerce

Action Traditional Commerce E-Commerce
1.Acquire product information 1. Magazine, flyer, online catalogues. 1. web pages.
2. Request item. 2. Printed form, letters. 2. Email.
3. Check catalogues and prices 3. Fax catalogues . 3. online catalogues .
4.Check product availability and confirm price. 4. Phones, fax . 4. Email .
5. Generate order. 5. Printed form. 5. E-mail, web pages.
6. Send/Receive Order. 6. Fax,mail. 6. Email, EDI.
7. Prioritize order. 7. Fax,mail . 7. Online database.
8. Check inventory at warehouse. 8. Phone, Fax. 8. Online database web pages.
9.Schedule delivery. 9. Printed form. 9. On-line database, E-mail.
10. Generate invoice. 10. Printed form. 10. Online database.
11. Receive product. 11. Shippher. 11. Shippher (Unless if electronic).
12. Confirm Receipt. 12. Printed form. 12. Email.
13. Send Receive invoice. 13. Mail. 13. E-mail, EDI.
14. Schedule payment. 14. Printed form. 14. EDI, Online database.
15. Send/Receive payment. 15. Mail. 15. EDI.

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Controlling Access of CITIS?

Controlling Access : 

1. A main goal of CITIS is to facilities the exchange of information there's also the question of maintaining the security of the data and restricting access only to permitted resources.

2. The CITIS machines are separated from the rest of the MDA network by a firewall.

3. The Unix operating system offers some security protection.

4. Autech uses a proxy server to monito real-time transactions as they occure.

5. SSL is used with netcapes enterprise server for encryption

What is CITIS?


1. Means contractor integrated technical information service.

2. Both the data and the application reside on MDA computers.

3. The CITIS system supports various common option including e-mail, FTP and telnet.

4. Also support windows to provide platform-independent support to graphical application. 

What are the natures of the e-commerce environment?

The natures of the e-commerce  environment :

Speed : When interview respondents spoke of the speed of e-commerce, they focused on how components, the increasing rate of change and the pace of decision-making.

Connectivity : Interaction and market access emerged as the two components of connectivity in the interview.

Information visibility : E-Commerce technology provides information visibility throughout the supply chain.

Market Structures : The fast pace needed to operate in the e-commerce environment and access to new markets has impacted traditional market structures.

Uncertainty : The dynamism of markets and the increased information visibility facilitated by the speed and connectivity of e-commerce present an uncertain environment.

Name Five E-Commerce web sites

# E-Commerce sites are those whose primary purpose is to sell you goods.One of the most widely recognized sites in this category is to e-commerce sites often know what it is they want and so it behooves the e-commerce site to help them find it. At the same time these sites want to show you information about other products so that you'll spend more because of this need to show you what you're looking for while at the same time sell you related items, e-commerce site employ some of the most sophisticated search engine technology available.

Company :  USWeb/CKS
Internet Address :

Company :  Hallmark Cards
Internet Address :

Company :
Internet Address :

Company :
Internet Address :

Company :
Internet Address :

Describe and explain the law related to consumer protection

The law related to consumer protection :
  • Preservation of transaction records, consumers admission to read the records
  • Preventing consumers mistake of handling
  • Regulating the operation of cyber mall
  • Restricting the use of consumers information
  • Registration for mail order distributors
  • Notifications of confirming and order and securing the revocation
  • Restricting the damages of business party
  • Making duties of a mall order distribution
  • Enforcing an insurance for consumers damage
  • Guide for the consumer protection in e-Commerce
  • Establishing a dispute resolution process for consumers
  • Prevent a hazard to consumers
  • Relieve consumers damage
  • Support consumers group
  • Establish policies for the consumer protection

What services will sell on the internet and why?

Services will sell on the internet  :
  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Air Transportation
  • Commercial Education and training
  • Computer services and software
  • Customs brokers
  • Financial Services
  • Health
  • Insurance
  • Market Research
  • Personal Search
  • News and broadcasting
  • Travel and tourism
  • Translation
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Education
  • Print and graphic design services
  • Auction Services
  • Writing services of all kind

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What products will consumer seek to purchase online?

     Products will consumer seek to purchase online : 

  • Computer related products 39%
  • Books 30%
  • CDs 21%
  • Consumer Electronics 19%
  • Travel 14%
  • Movies videos 14%
  • Subscription to online publications%

Customer Support

(a) Customer support request form

(b) Frequently asked question
  • What payment method do you accept?
  • Do I have to pay sales tax?
  • Do you accept international orders?
  • What if I want to make a change to my order?
  • What if I need to cancel my order?
  • When will my order ship?
  • How do I track my order?
  • How do I navigate the site?
  • How do i know if an item is in stock?
  • How do I find the product i am looking for?
  • What I do I do if I think my product is defective?
  • How do I edit my account information?

What product will sell well on the internet

  • Banking
  • Database
  • Music
  • Software
  • Advertising
  • Travel

How can i find the buyers under the heading infobases

world trade center association

What are the business to consumer applications?

The business to consumer applications are : With the internet fast becoming a vital component of the businesses., the role and importance of electronic markets has been increasing manifold.The power of the electronic conducts like the internet to increase the efficiency of business performance is one of the most important reasons for the same.The capability and potential of electronic marketplaces therefore depends on how well, they leverage the power of internet to build sustainable competitive advantages.Some of the applications which an electronic marketplace has which speak of their potential are

Instantaneous Communication : It helps in instantaneous communication between the vanous participants of business systems.It also helps in reducing "time to market" for new products.

Global Access : The product/service offered through the electronic markets have a global reach and give access to larger markets and new markets.

Customization : By offering capability to offer goods and services in real time, the ability to customize goods to the needs is higher.

Increased availability : E-Commerce offers greater availability; company's products are available 24*7*365.

De-Intermediation : It helps in elimination of inefficient middlemen offering simplified electronic distribution and product differentiation based on customer choice.

Consolidation and convergence : They help in increased consolidation and convergence, which facilitates economics of scale making it easier to place orders and fulfill them. This enables revitalized products that add value through depth, context of digitization

Collaboration : They facilitate automation of transactions between electronic enterprises and support the real-time exchange of information and thus enable collaborative processing.

Describe the main ingredients of e-business solution

1. Web : Website act as the pioneer role in e-commerce

2. Customer relationship management system(CRM) :  "front office" that help enterprise deal directly with their customer.CRM integrates and automates customer serving process within a company.

3. Enterprize Resource Planning System(ERP) : Management information system that integrate and automate may of the business practices associated with the operations or production aspects of a company.An ERP system includes :
  • Production manufacturing resource planning and execution process
  • Buying a product procurement process
  • Sales of products and services Customer order management process.
  • Costing paying bills and collecting financial/management accounting and reporting process.

4. Supply Chain Management(SCM) : A supply chain is a network of facilities and distribution option that performs the function of procurement of materials transformation of these materials into intermediate and finished product & distribution of these finished products to customer.A supply chain has three essentially main parts the supply manufacturing and distribution.

5. Knowledge Management(KM) : Knowledge regarding markets, products, processes, technologies and organization that a business that enable its business process to generate profits>Also include the subsequent planning and control of actions.

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Benefits of E-Commerce

Benefits of E-Commerce :

1. 24*7 operation the shop never close.

2. lower cost

3. Lower investment

4. Lower maintainance

5. Greater Profits

6. Monitoring

7. Easier inventory analysis

8. Global market penetration

9. Easy of customer reachability

10. Interativity get immediate feedback on prices feature etc.

11. Help business professionals to take immediate/strategic decissions.

12. To gain competitive advantages 

13. Efficient customer relationship Mgt

14. Effect Supply chain Mgt

15. Speed you'll locate what you want much quicker

16. Less paper work

Define EDI and EFT

EDI : A series of standards which provide computer to computer exchange of business documents over interorganizational or intraorganizational networks.

EDI includes :

1. Purchase order

2. Shipping documents

3. Invoice

4. Invoice payment

EFT : Moving funds between different accounts in the same or different banks through the use of wire transfer automatic teller machiner or computers but without the use of paper documents.

Define VPN

VPN : A (VPN) is a network that uses a public telecommunication infrastracture, such as the internet to provide remote office or individual users with secure access to the their organizations network.

The goal of a VPN is to provide the organization with the same capabilities but at a much lower cost.

VPN clients & VPN server are typically as these three scenerious.

1. To support remote access to an internet 

2. To internet

3. To support extranet.

What are the benefits of e-payment?

The benefits of e-payment  are :

1.Security : E-payment is secure.The approval of the payment by the customer is conducted using exactly the same identification methods and secure channels as at our internet bank.

2. No risks : When processing the order, you can be sure that the order has been paid for your credit risks are thereby significantly reduced.

3.Simple : It's easy for your customers to pay with e-payment.they only have to use their solo internet codes to approve the pre-filled payment order and the transaction is done.

4.Speed : Confirmation of the payment made by your customers reaches you in moments.

How does e-payment work?

E-Payment work :
  • The customer places an order for a product or services he/she is interested in and choose e-payment as the method of payment
  • Seller's system generates an electronic payment order
  • The customer confirms the payment with his/her solo codes.
  • The seller receives immediately a notification of the payment made by the customer
  • You can monitor the transactions through solo internet or solo multi-bank.

What is E-Payment?

E-Payment :E-Payment is an easy way for the customer to pay online for your products and services>For customers, e-payment is an easy way to pay online, as there are no extra costs for using it.The customer chooses your product or service.Pays with e-payment and the sum will be created to your company's account right away.

Achieving Web Presence Goal

  • Attracting visitors to the website
  • Making the site interesting enough that visitors stay and explore
  • Convincing visitors to follow the site's link to obtain information
  • Creating an impression consistent with the organization's desired image
  • Building a trusting relationship with the visitors
  • Reinforcing positive images that the visitors might already have about the organization and
  • Encouraging visitor to return to the site.

List four risk that a company might face in not moving ahead with a B2C e-commerce project

List four risk that a company might face in not moving ahead with a B2C e-commerce project :
  • Losing existing customers to a comparison who has already moved ahead with an e-commerce application that may have chance the business model in terms of price delivery of choice of product
  • Not moving quickly enough to exploit a potential unique business idea
  • Missing the opportunity to exploit markers that are currently unable to reach through conventional means
  • Not being able to take advance of potential cost saving offered by adopting a new business model
  • Advertise in product specific magazine that may be printed or online publication

What are the benefits that the adoption of international standards can bring to developers of e-commerce systems and their customers?

The benefits that the adoption of international standards can bring to developers of e-commerce systems and their customers are :

For developers the adoption of international standards means that they can base the development of their products and services of reference documents which are agreed and utilished on worldwide base.Thus in term means that they are free complete in many more markers around the world.

For customers the worldwide compatibility of technology that is achieved when products and services are based on international standard brings  them on wide choice of offers and they also benefit from the effects of comparison among suppliers. 

What do you think are the key element of the internet that have contributed most significantly to its role as a e-commerce enabler?

 The key element of the internet that have contributed most significantly to its role as a e-commerce enabler are :
  • The services it provides most probably the World Wide Web and email
  • The services and routers that it utilizes to store information and guide it around the world
  • The TCP/IP protocol which allows the computers of all different sorts to talk to each other

What is business process redesign(BPR)?

Business process redesign(BPR) : It is about reassessing business to which an conduct business.It is about optimizing the use of your resources.And it is about communicating more effectively  with your partners.

What is Characteristics Of E-Business?

Characteristics Of  E-Business :
  • Collaborative Product Development
  • Collaborative Planning, forecasting and replenishment
  • Procurement and order management
  • Operations and logistics
  • Security and privacy
  • Lack of trust and user resistance
  • Channel conflict
  • Other limitations factors are
  • -Lack of touch and feel etc.

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List out some top level domain names

 The following top level domain names (TLD) currently exist (as does .arpa, which is sometimes considered a TLD) : 

.aero -  for the air transport industry

.biz - for business use

.cat - for Catalan language/culture

.com - for commercial organization

.coop - for cooperatives

.edu - for post-secondary education establishments

.gov - for governments and their agencies in the United States

.info - for informational sites but unrestricted

.int - for international organizations established by treatly

.jobs - for employment related sites

.mil - for the US military

.mobi - for sites catering to mobile devices

 .museum - for museums

.name - for families and individuals

.net - originally for network infrastructures new unrestricted

.org - orginally for organizations not clearly falling within the other gTLDs, now unrestricted

.pro - for certain professions

.tel - for services involving conversions between the telephone network and the internet 

.travel - for travel agents, airline etc.

.asia - for the Asian community which goes live in october 2007

What are the impact of E-Commerce on business?

The impact of E-Commerce on business : Selling through websites is the fastest growing method of trading worldwide.There are two main forms of E-Commerce :

1. Business to business (B2B) trading where companies trade and exchange information using the world wide web.

2. Business to Consumer trading where companies deal directly with customers through web pages, and ordering is carried out line.

There are many different types of products and services that are trade on-line including books, CDs, cars, holidays and insurance in response to e-tailing and e-trading most business have now set up them own websites.

What is e-Procurement?Define the types of e-Procuremnt

e-Procurement :
                                   E-Procurement (Electronic Procurement) is either the business-to-business or Business-to-Consumer purchase and sale of supplies and services through the internet as well as other information and networking systems, such as electronic data interchange (EDI) and Enterprise resource Planning (ERP).An important part or many B2B sites, e-Procurement is also sometimes referred to by other terms.Such as supplier exchange.Typically, e-Procurement Web sites allow qualified and registered users tom look for buyers or sellers of goods and services. Depending on the approach buyers or seller may be specify costs or invite bids.

Transactions can be initiated and completed.Ongoing purchases may qualify customers for volume discounts or special offers.E-Procurement software may make it possible to automate some buying and selling.Companies participating expect  to be able to control parts inventories more effectively, reduce purchasing agent overhead and improve manufacturing cycles.E-Procurement is expected to be integrated with the trend toward computerized supply chain management.

There are six main types of E-Procurement :

Web-based ERP (Electronic Resource Planning) : Creating and approving purchasing requisitions, placing purchase orders and receiving goods and services by using a software system based on internet technology.

E-MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operating) : The same as web-based ERP except that the goods and services ordered are non-product related MRO supplies.

E-Sourcing : Identifying new supplies for a specific category of purchasing requirements using internet technology.

E-tendering : Sending requests for information and prices to supplies and receiving the responses of supplies using internet technology.

E-reverse auctioning : Using internet technology to buy goods and services from a number of known or unknown suppliers.

E-informing : Gathering and distributing purchasing information both from and to internal and external parties using internet technology.

What are the reasons to put a company on a website?

The reasons to put a company on a website are:
1. To establish a presence : To be a part of the internet community and show that you are interested in serving them.

2. To network

3. To make business information available 

4. To serve your customers

5. To heighten public intereste

6. To release time sensitive materials

7. To sell things

8. To make pictures sound and film files available

9. To reach a high desirable demographic market

10. To answer frequently asked questions

11. To stay in contact with sale people

12. To open international markets

13. To crate a 24 hour service

14. To make changing information available

15. To allow feedback from customers

16. To test market new services and product

17. To reach the media

18. To reach the education and youth market

19. To reach the specialized market

20. To serve your local market

How will you purchase products from on-line?

Purchase products from on-line :

                                                        We can purchase products from on-line shopping malls are just an electronic catalogue of products.Hence to facilitate casier access to required products, almost at major online malls allow searching ensure catalogue.

1. The first step in the online shopping is to search for the specific product categories using integrated search function.

2. Once we find the required product put it in a virtual "Shopping Cart" and continue shopping.

3. After we have added enough item;In Shopping cart, check out each of them.We can add or delete the contents in shopping cart.

4. The next step is to login using a username and pasword.

5. Many online malls first require its to register with them before allowing us to pay  for the bought items.Enter the address to when we want the product to be delivered.

6. We might also want to select the payment modes for payment here.

7. After choosing the mode of payment there will other boxes to fill our billing address or the payment details.Some on-line malls even ask for our email,phone number etc.

8. The wait for the confirmation of our order, we can also modify the order by adding or removing items.We can also cancel order if needed.

9. Keep the printed copy of the purchased order and confirmations fr records.In the event of any disputes.We will need to show these documents for verification.

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How a Smart Card Work?

Smart Card Work :
                                              Operationally Smart card require a special reader to connect the card with a computer system programmed for this purpose.Smart Card have special contacts that match those in the  reader when the card is inserted into the lot for processing.The newest smart cards are, "contactless".Infrared communication technology allows the reader to exchange data.In a retail store, the reader normally is attached to a cash register.In buildings authorized users scan the smart card across a reader attached to the door and programmed to a computer-based recognition system.With remote contactless cards, the card can be read from a distance.This is how tollbooth electronic payment readers work.Smart Card offer moe security and confidentiality than any other financial or transaction storage card on the market.They are a safe place to store sensitive information or personal information.Smart Card have their share of problems.    

Difference between Credit card, Debit Card and Smart Card

Credit Card Debit Card Smart Card
1. A Credit card is basically an electronic card with magnetic data strip or a chip, issued to customers by banks and other credit agencies. 1. Debit cards are magnetic strip and chip enabled cards, issued to customers by their respective banks. 1. A smart card contains a special embedded microprocessor, which is a computer processor or a microchip.
2. credit cards are lines of credit when you use a credit card, the issuer puts money toward the transaction.This is a loan you are expected to pay back in full unless you won't to be charged interest. 2. Any time you use a debit card to buy something, money is deducted from your account with a debit card you can really only spend the money you have available to you. 2. Smart cards applications benefit consumers where their life and business habits intersect with payment processing technologies.
3. credit cards in the U.S are not very secure and of themselves many still deted card technology.However consumers are not held liable for this poor security. 3. A PIN makes them secure so long as no one steals the card number and PIN as long as you don't lose the card itself.If the card is stolen, debit cards are very insecure . 3. Smart cards offer more security and confidentially than any other financial or transaction storage card the market.They are a safe place to store sensitive or personal information .
4.Credit Card Not required to be connected to a checking account. 4. Checking or saving accounts . 4. Smart cards links directly to the Internet .
5. Credit cards are mostly used in online payments, to sell things or the web. 5. Debit cards can be used with a PIN almost everywhere retail stores, gasoline, resturants and pay phones. 5. Smart cards widely used in telecommunications industry.
6. For the merchant credit card transactions result in immediate credit to the merchants bank account. 6. Debit cards are more readily accepted by merchants than are checks.especially in countries where check cashing and check processing are not widely used. 6. The retail industry widely uses applications of the smart card more specially to identify and reward customers.

Distinguish between E-Commerce And E-Business

E-Commerce E-business
1. E-commerec involves commercial transactions done over internet. 1. E-business is conduct of business processes on the internet
2. E-commerce is subset of E-business. 2. E-business is superset of E-business.
3. E-commerce usually requires the use of just a website. 3. E-business involves the use of CRM'S, ERP'S that connect different business processes.
4. E-commerce just involves buying and selling of products and services. 4. E-business includes all kind of pre-sale and post-sale efforts.
5. E-commerce is narrower concept and restricted to buying and selling. 5.It is a broader concept that involves market surveying, supply chain and logistic management and using datamining.
6. It is more appropriate in B2C context. 6. It is used in the context of B2B transactions.
7. E-commerce involves the mandatory use of Internet. 7. E-business can involve the use of internet, intranet or extranet.
8. Example : Buying of pendrive from, is considered ecommerce. 8.Example : Using of internet by dell, Amazon for maintaining business processes like. Online customer support, email marketing supply chain management.

Write the characteristics of a business portal?

Write the characteristics of a business portal?

** A portal is simply a website that is designed to collect and organized information and operations for any business.The first part of business portal strategy should be determining the audience that you want to serve.

The characteristics of a business portal are :

* Search and navigation

* Information Integration(content Management)

* Personalization

* Task Management and workflow

* Collaboration and groupware

* Integrations of applications and business intelligence

* Infrastructure functionality

*** This functionality forms the basis for most of the successful public web portals.
Elaborate on the main services of SSL.

** The secure sockets layer (SSL) is a computer networking portal that manages server authentication client authentication and encrypted communication between servers and clients.The secure socket Layer(SSL) technology used for the websites or web application which need more security.Secure socket layer(SSL) is composed of two layers : 

(1) At the lower layer, a portal for transferring data using a variety of predefined cipher and authentications combinations called the SSL record protocol. 

(2) On the upper layer, a protocol for initial authentication and transfer of encryption keys called the SSL handshake protocol.
The secure socket layers (SSL) protocol addresses the following security issues : 

(1) Privacy : After the symmetric key is established in the initial handshake, the message are encrypted using this key.

(2) Integrity : 
       Messages contain a message authentication code (MAC) ensuring the message integrity.       

(3) Authentication :
                                                 During the handshake, the client authentication the server using an asymmetric or public key.

                      SSL uses a combination of public-key and private key.These keys work, together to establish an encrypt connection.