Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What are the reasons to put a company on a website?

The reasons to put a company on a website are:
1. To establish a presence : To be a part of the internet community and show that you are interested in serving them.

2. To network

3. To make business information available 

4. To serve your customers

5. To heighten public intereste

6. To release time sensitive materials

7. To sell things

8. To make pictures sound and film files available

9. To reach a high desirable demographic market

10. To answer frequently asked questions

11. To stay in contact with sale people

12. To open international markets

13. To crate a 24 hour service

14. To make changing information available

15. To allow feedback from customers

16. To test market new services and product

17. To reach the media

18. To reach the education and youth market

19. To reach the specialized market

20. To serve your local market