Monday, July 25, 2016

Distinguish between E-Commerce And E-Business

E-Commerce E-business
1. E-commerec involves commercial transactions done over internet. 1. E-business is conduct of business processes on the internet
2. E-commerce is subset of E-business. 2. E-business is superset of E-business.
3. E-commerce usually requires the use of just a website. 3. E-business involves the use of CRM'S, ERP'S that connect different business processes.
4. E-commerce just involves buying and selling of products and services. 4. E-business includes all kind of pre-sale and post-sale efforts.
5. E-commerce is narrower concept and restricted to buying and selling. 5.It is a broader concept that involves market surveying, supply chain and logistic management and using datamining.
6. It is more appropriate in B2C context. 6. It is used in the context of B2B transactions.
7. E-commerce involves the mandatory use of Internet. 7. E-business can involve the use of internet, intranet or extranet.
8. Example : Buying of pendrive from, is considered ecommerce. 8.Example : Using of internet by dell, Amazon for maintaining business processes like. Online customer support, email marketing supply chain management.