Sunday, July 31, 2016

Define VAN.What are the services of VAN?

VAN(Value Added Network) : A private network provider lired by a company to facilitate electronic data interchange (FDI) and/or provide other network services such as message encryption, secure email and management reporting.A VAN simplifies the communications process by reducing the number of parties with which a company needs to communicate.

Services of VAN : 

* Easylink offers fast delivery of documents and allows you to effectively track monitor and process all of your business documents.

* Using easy link you will consistently provide with delivery confirmation of documents and other data files.

* Document can be delivered in real time or retrieved when it's convenient for you.

* Easy link can handle standard EDI data transactions, as well as images engineering drawings architecture blue, prints, audio, and types of video.

* Easy link is come commented to approximately 15 public VAN interconnects world wide approximately so private interconnects.

* Data back & recovery & document mapping  & compitance.