Monday, July 25, 2016

Write the characteristics of a business portal?

Write the characteristics of a business portal?

** A portal is simply a website that is designed to collect and organized information and operations for any business.The first part of business portal strategy should be determining the audience that you want to serve.

The characteristics of a business portal are :

* Search and navigation

* Information Integration(content Management)

* Personalization

* Task Management and workflow

* Collaboration and groupware

* Integrations of applications and business intelligence

* Infrastructure functionality

*** This functionality forms the basis for most of the successful public web portals.
Elaborate on the main services of SSL.

** The secure sockets layer (SSL) is a computer networking portal that manages server authentication client authentication and encrypted communication between servers and clients.The secure socket Layer(SSL) technology used for the websites or web application which need more security.Secure socket layer(SSL) is composed of two layers : 

(1) At the lower layer, a portal for transferring data using a variety of predefined cipher and authentications combinations called the SSL record protocol. 

(2) On the upper layer, a protocol for initial authentication and transfer of encryption keys called the SSL handshake protocol.
The secure socket layers (SSL) protocol addresses the following security issues : 

(1) Privacy : After the symmetric key is established in the initial handshake, the message are encrypted using this key.

(2) Integrity : 
       Messages contain a message authentication code (MAC) ensuring the message integrity.       

(3) Authentication :
                                                 During the handshake, the client authentication the server using an asymmetric or public key.

                      SSL uses a combination of public-key and private key.These keys work, together to establish an encrypt connection.