Friday, July 29, 2016

What are the business to consumer applications?

The business to consumer applications are : With the internet fast becoming a vital component of the businesses., the role and importance of electronic markets has been increasing manifold.The power of the electronic conducts like the internet to increase the efficiency of business performance is one of the most important reasons for the same.The capability and potential of electronic marketplaces therefore depends on how well, they leverage the power of internet to build sustainable competitive advantages.Some of the applications which an electronic marketplace has which speak of their potential are

Instantaneous Communication : It helps in instantaneous communication between the vanous participants of business systems.It also helps in reducing "time to market" for new products.

Global Access : The product/service offered through the electronic markets have a global reach and give access to larger markets and new markets.

Customization : By offering capability to offer goods and services in real time, the ability to customize goods to the needs is higher.

Increased availability : E-Commerce offers greater availability; company's products are available 24*7*365.

De-Intermediation : It helps in elimination of inefficient middlemen offering simplified electronic distribution and product differentiation based on customer choice.

Consolidation and convergence : They help in increased consolidation and convergence, which facilitates economics of scale making it easier to place orders and fulfill them. This enables revitalized products that add value through depth, context of digitization

Collaboration : They facilitate automation of transactions between electronic enterprises and support the real-time exchange of information and thus enable collaborative processing.