Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How will you purchase products from on-line?

Purchase products from on-line :

                                                        We can purchase products from on-line shopping malls are just an electronic catalogue of products.Hence to facilitate casier access to required products, almost at major online malls allow searching ensure catalogue.

1. The first step in the online shopping is to search for the specific product categories using integrated search function.

2. Once we find the required product put it in a virtual "Shopping Cart" and continue shopping.

3. After we have added enough item;In Shopping cart, check out each of them.We can add or delete the contents in shopping cart.

4. The next step is to login using a username and pasword.

5. Many online malls first require its to register with them before allowing us to pay  for the bought items.Enter the address to when we want the product to be delivered.

6. We might also want to select the payment modes for payment here.

7. After choosing the mode of payment there will other boxes to fill our billing address or the payment details.Some on-line malls even ask for our email,phone number etc.

8. The wait for the confirmation of our order, we can also modify the order by adding or removing items.We can also cancel order if needed.

9. Keep the printed copy of the purchased order and confirmations fr records.In the event of any disputes.We will need to show these documents for verification.