Sunday, July 31, 2016

Discuss with diagram the sales cycle of E-Commerce

Ans : The safe cycle of E-commerce consists of 5 processes :

1. Information Sharing :
  • Create awareness of product and services and organization provide to their customer
  • Distribute to online communities
  • Gather info from various visitors
2. Ordering :
  • Use EDI(Electronic Data Interchange) for online order, creating, processing and email
3.payment :
  • Create, digit cash, credit card facilities
  • Management s/w is needed
  • EDI mgt s/w should be requiring
4.Fulfilment :
  • Use the internet to supply product or services online.
  • Use EDI to communicate with shipper suppliers and distributors
5.Services & support :

  • Provide info and invite questions and comments via tax email or phones.

    6. check inventory at warehouse

    7. Generate invoice

    8. Send Invoice

    9.Send Product

    10. Configuration of receive product

    11. Medium