Monday, July 25, 2016

How a Smart Card Work?

Smart Card Work :
                                              Operationally Smart card require a special reader to connect the card with a computer system programmed for this purpose.Smart Card have special contacts that match those in the  reader when the card is inserted into the lot for processing.The newest smart cards are, "contactless".Infrared communication technology allows the reader to exchange data.In a retail store, the reader normally is attached to a cash register.In buildings authorized users scan the smart card across a reader attached to the door and programmed to a computer-based recognition system.With remote contactless cards, the card can be read from a distance.This is how tollbooth electronic payment readers work.Smart Card offer moe security and confidentiality than any other financial or transaction storage card on the market.They are a safe place to store sensitive information or personal information.Smart Card have their share of problems.