Tuesday, July 26, 2016

List out some top level domain names

 The following top level domain names (TLD) currently exist (as does .arpa, which is sometimes considered a TLD) : 

.aero -  for the air transport industry

.biz - for business use

.cat - for Catalan language/culture

.com - for commercial organization

.coop - for cooperatives

.edu - for post-secondary education establishments

.gov - for governments and their agencies in the United States

.info - for informational sites but unrestricted

.int - for international organizations established by treatly

.jobs - for employment related sites

.mil - for the US military

.mobi - for sites catering to mobile devices

 .museum - for museums

.name - for families and individuals

.net - originally for network infrastructures new unrestricted

.org - orginally for organizations not clearly falling within the other gTLDs, now unrestricted

.pro - for certain professions

.tel - for services involving conversions between the telephone network and the internet 

.travel - for travel agents, airline etc.

.asia - for the Asian community which goes live in october 2007